Musical Monday - 4/26/10

What's on Dad's iPod - Part 4

It's been a crazy fast month, hasn't it? Well, to slow things down a little bit let's take a trip back to 1964 where a young group of guys recorded one of the best songs my humble opinion :) The Animals did not write The House of the Rising Sun, but they do have the most popular and recognizable version of it. The lead singer claimed that it was originally written in the 16th century, but the oldest known recording was in 1933. It's like many old folk songs, passed down generation to generation and was almost lost had it not been for a Alan Lomax, who was the curator of the Archive of American Folk Song for the Library of Congress. So let's thank Alan Lomax for keeping this song in our history and The Animals for making such a great version of the song that transcends time and genres.

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun


  1. Wow. Where did you learn all that?

  2. You didn't know any of that?? For shame! :-)

    Anyway...I compiled a few websites together.