Musical Monday - 6/28/10

Nothing really more can be said about 80s music besides 'really?'...I just love watching music videos from the 80s, they are absolutely amazing and entertaining. So for our last installment from 1983 is an awesome video and song from Men at Work, 'Land Down Under'. You gotta love the classic VW van in the beginning and the amazing flute playing. But my favorite part is around the 1:40 mark...what's with the fake digging, juggling, and crazy dancing?!?

Please enjoy and have a great Monday!

Musical Monday - 6/21/10

Sleeveless British flag shirt...

80s high flying split...

Snazzy mullets...

Can it be? Oh yes, it's Def Leppard! Enjoy.

Musical Monday - 6/14/10

Today's selection comes from an awesome band....The Police. You can't beat Sting singing 'Every Breath You Take Take'. This is definitely not the P. Diddy or Puff Daddy song about Biggie Smalls...a good song in it's own right, but no. The beat of this song is so infectious and learning to play the guitar part a few years back was ridiculous! I hope this song puts a little smile on your face this grand Monday morning!

Musical Monday - 6/7/10

You just can't go wrong with Pat Benatar. Classic! Enjoy.

Musical Tuesday - 6/1/10

It's June...JUNE!?! Already? Man I'm getting old. If you didn't know, my birthday day in June 13 and I will be the ripe old age of 27. I'll officially be in my late 20s. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I have 13 days to come to grips.

So, during the month of June we will be on another musical journey through time and space...well, maybe just time. I've picked out some tunes from the year I was born, 1983. I hope you stick around this month and check out some epic early 80s music.

Today's selection comes to us from across the pond. Dexys Midnight Runners...who came up with that catchy name? 'Come on Eileen' is a classic 80s tune with like 8 tempo changes and some awesome falsetto least is sounds like they straining to hit some notes. You can't think of this song and not laugh because of the video they made, I mean come on guys...overalls? Really!?!

Enjoy this wonderful 1983 classic.