Musical Tuesday - 6/23/09

These long weekends are throwing me off on my Monday's. So here's a little ditty from Andy McKee. Tight Trite Night was written by Don Ross, another finger style player. This is an awesome song with lots of dynamics. Have a great Tuesday!

Musical Monday - 6/15/09

Saturday was my 26th birthday and Heather took me to Carowinds for Sonfest for my bday present. It was amazing. We saw great bands that we hadn't seen before with great worship time. My two favorite bands we saw were Fireflight and Third Day. I have to say that both sound even better live compared to their albums. Third Day was rocking the house in their set. So for this edition of Musical Monday, let's take a listen to 'Revelation' by Third Day. So just sit back, relax, jam, and worship God.

Musical Monday - 6/8/09

This edition of Musical Monday is a classic tune from Boston. 'More Than A Feeling' is such a great song, but what's even more impressive is the video for the song. The hair and stache's are abound in this video. Great guitar work and great cultivating of the white man 'fro with the 70s stache. I love it!

Enjoy 'More Than A Feeling'.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner and I haven't really thought about what I'm going to get my dad. I have a few ideas, but nothing has been purchased yet. I searched around the web for ideas for Father's Day gifts and stumbled upon this little video gem. It has some really interesting ideas for gifts and if I were a dad, I know I would love to receive any of the gifts described in this video. :-)

Happy shopping!

June Is Here

June is here and I have to say that I am really excited about that, mainly for three reasons:

1: My birthday is in 12 days! (June 13)
2: Heather is done with school, yay! (June 5)
3: Costa Rica Mission Trip! (June 29)

I guess you can say we are both happy for June to be here. I know Heather has been ready for this school year to be over so we can start our "new lives". Now that she is done with school...and I mean done, done...No more, nada, finito...we can start some of our summer projects and vacations.

Our first main project is to rip a french door size hole in our living room wall to connect our dining room/kitchen to our "isolated" living room. This will definitely change the layout of our house. We're going to do all the work ourselves. My dad, cousin, and myself will be tearing it all down and rebuilding it. It's going to be sweet! There will be before, during, and after pics for this project. If you would like to come by and check out the project (or help), come on by two Fridays from now, June 19. God willing, we will have it completed by Sunday, June 22.

Now for the vacations...our vacation this month isn't really a vacation per say, it's a mission trip to Costa Rica with GCS. I am super excited about it because this is my first mission trip ever and I can't wait for us to go. I'll definitely be taking about a million pictures while we are down there and I'll hopefully have many posts full of pics and fun, interesting stories.

I pray that God will show us what he wants us to do this month to further His kingdom. I know He has his plan for us and I will try to share what happens this month.

God Bless!

Musical Monday - 6/1/09

I hope you all enjoyed our musical journey we took in May, I know I did.

For this week's selection I've chosen another song from Hillsong. "In Your Freedom" is a song off our the "Saviour King" cd. In Your Freedom was written by Marty Sampson, who is an amazing song writer and worship leader. Every time I listen to this song I get chills. I hope that you stay and listen to this amazing and powerful song. Have a great Monday!

In Your Freedom by Hillsong