Boom Shakalaka!

Will I...

...ever be able to hold a child of my own?

Typical Work Week

I saw this cartoon in a cubicle here at work the other day and it made me literally laugh out loud.  Definitely a typical work week for many.

Musical Monday - 10/25/10

Great lyrics.  Great guitar licks.  Great song.  Please listen and enjoy your Monday.  God bless!

Musical Monday - 10/11/10

One of my recent favorite movies has one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a while.  '(500) Days of Summer' is a great "love" story.  You have to watch it if you haven't yet.  Pay attention to the music in it...then tell me you don't love the soundtrack.  I dare you! :)  For today's selection I'm picking the song from the soundtrack that I feel defines the feel of the movie the most.  Not the video, but the song.  Every time I listen to this song I feel like I'm in the movie right at that moment.  Please enjoy, 'Us' by Regina Spektor.

Star Wars Trilogy In 2 Minutes

I'm a big fan of the original trilogy of Star Wars, but only the original originals.  The remakes with the extra scenes and special effects are rubbish.  Don't mess with a masterpiece George!  Sorry...I was getting carried away.  Anyway, I found this little video that's pretty sweet.  It's the original trilogy in 2 minutes...and it's all done with paper.  I think George Lucas should scrape the idea of bringing all the Star Wars movies back in 3D and go with this method.  Lo-fi and 2D.  Enjoy!

Can I...

go back to Grano de Oro?

Great Dilbert Comic