Words Cannot Describe...

...how awesome this is!  I think I will try to learn to play this.  Enjoy!

No-Shave November - 1/2 Way There

A little update on how no-shave November is going for me...

Day 1:

Day 15:

I have to say that I'm really doing a modified version of no-shave November because I'm keeping my neck shaved for work.  I don't need to be looking all shaggy and gross going into meetings with the company's CEO and President.

Anyway, let me know what you think.  I feel like I've got a pretty sweet beard going...Heather's not a big fan of it, but she is letting me do it so that's pretty cool of her.  :)

Musical Monday - 11/15/10

Man this month has been super busy!  I haven't really had time to think about musical mondays.  It's actually made me a little sad to not write up a little something every Monday.  Today should change that though.

I keep tell you that Pandora is amazing, and it never ceases to amaze me.  One of my favorite channels that I have is the 'Deas Vail' channel.  They are probably one of my favorite bands right now and almost every song that is played on that channel is sonic gold.  I've heard a few songs by One Republic, but I hadn't heard today's song until last night while watching CSI: Miami.  All of One Republic's songs are melodic and truly catchy.  You know what type of catchy I'm talking about...the kind that just gets your head bouncing and your foot tapping.

Please enjoy 'Secrets' by One Republic.

How to: Add Lightbox to Blogger

I'm not sure if you are like me, but...don't you hate it when you click on an image on your blog or someone else's blog and it sends you to an ugly page with just the image and then you have to go back a page to continue reading...or sometimes just close out the tab by accident and never go back to the blog post?  I hate that blogger doesn't have a built in image handler.

Well, today you are in luck.  I've come across a little gem of a hack/plugin (I call it a hack just because it is not supported natively by blogger) that will help people stay on your blog when they click on an image to see the larger shot of it and it makes your blog look professional. :)

It's called Lightbox.  It overlays an image on top of your blog with a sweet little dimming effect.  Click on the image below to see what I'm talking about.  (it's a huge image by the way...just click in the shadow area to close it)

Awesome!  Ready to get started?  I'll guide you through all the steps so go ahead and open a new tab and log in to your own blogger account if you aren't already.  

Step 1
Go to the 'Blogger Dashboard' if you are not already there.  Now click on 'Design' and then look for 'Edit HTML' (that should be toward the top left of your screen).

Great!  Now on to Step 2.

Step 2
Click into the large text area on the 'Edit HTML' page and we're going to find /head (ctrl+f and type /head).  It should be highlighted.  Now copy the below section of code right before the /head tag.

Like so...

Make sure your code looks like mine above.  Now save the template.


That's all you need to do.  All of you existing images and any new images you add to your blog will now be displayed in Lightbox.  You now have a fun, impressive way to display images on your blog.  If you have a photo blog, this will truly help in your presentation of your pictures.

Let me know if you use this on your blog, I always love helping others out.  If you need any additional help, please let me know too.  Look for more helpful how-to's in the weeks to come!