Musical Monday - 8/30/10

If you knew me 5-10 years ago then you would know how my taste in music has changed. I haven't done a complete 180, but I've definitely mellowed out a ton. I used to be all about metal and hard rock. Now I'm more into alt-rock and indie rock. Definitely more calming, mellow tunes now a days. Does that mean I'm getting old?!?! I don't think so...well...Heather would say I am. :) Anyway, I'm definitely digging a few bands now that I wouldn't have even listened to one of their songs back in the day. Fair, Deas Vail, Death Cab For Cutie, Mae, Rogue Wave...just to name a few.

So today I wanted to introduce you to another band that I've been jamming to, Future of Forestry. They've been around since 2000, but they didn't change their name till 2006. They are a Christian alt-rock band from So Cal and they are crazy talented. The guitar playing on all of their songs is outstanding and super catchy. Every time I hear 'Speak To Me Gently' I close my eyes and my head starts to bob uncontrollably.

Try'll only take 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Start the song, sit back, don't multi-task, just sit there and listen. Enjoy!

Mmmm, Pinto

Heather made Pinto tonight for dinner. I've been craving it ever since we left Costa Rica. I never thought I would crave it, but it's so good.

Musical Monday - 8/23/10

Again, I have to praise Pandora Radio. It's probably one of the greatest innovations in musical technology since the electric guitar. It's so simple too. You type in a band or song you like and it finds other bands and songs that are similar. So great!

Safetysuit is a alt-rock band from Tulsa, OK that I found while listening to my Deas Vail channel. They have a great sound and 'Apology' has a simple, yet catchy groove. Sit back and enjoy!

What Happens In CR Doesn't Stay In CR

Oh how I miss being in Costa Rica...

I'm not sure why I feel this way, but I do. I have spent less than a month there in a year, but when we arrived there this year I felt like I was home. Last year I felt a little out of place, but as the trip went on, I grew more and more comfortable with my surroundings. This year however, I felt like I had been on a long term vacation in The States. I'm not really sure I can explain the feeling of being there in the mountains surrounded by all of God's beauty. It just feels right being there.

God showed me tons while I was there. He affirmed that I was at the right job and that we, Heather and I, were on the right path with the adoption. I hadn't really been doubting that God wanted us to adopt, it was just that I was harboring feelings of disappointment. Disappointment in God not answering my prayers with the answers I selfish of me! I wanted God to provide us a child of our own so we could experience the joy of the months leading up to having a baby. I wanted to enjoy going to the doctor and seeing Heather's face during an ultrasound. I wanted to see Heather's belly grow as the baby grew... I wanted a lot... I wanted what God didn't have in store for myself and for Heather. As I sat on top of the mountain over looking Grano de Oro, I prayed to God for clarity and confirmation. He gave it to me in the form of Vacation Bible School.

Our team had the wonderful opportunity to minister to the children of Grano de Oro for three afternoons. We played games with them, we sang songs with them, we performed skits for them, we taught them about the Bible with stories, puppets, and activities, and we gave them candy and trinkets. While we were with them, it was amazing to see them grow closer to us. At first they were stand off-ish, but after the second day they were happy to see us and wanted to be there with us. Seeing all those kids wanting to be loved reopened my eyes to the fact that there are children in this world/country/state/city that don't have a family and they don't have someone to tell them they did a good job or even give them a hug. I can't wait to complete everything on our To-Do list for the adoption. I know God is helping us through this process and I know He will walk hand in hand with us...through the good and the bad.

God can do miraculous things even when you don't realize you need them. Please be in prayer for Heather and I as we continue down the road of adoption.

Musical Monday - 8/16/10

I'm back!

I can't really say that I'm completely here though...I do believe I left my heart on the mountain top of Grano de Oro. So today's selection is for everyone that went to Costa Rica this year and for everyone we met and saw while we were down there.

Don't Stop Believing! Classic.

Musical Monday - 8/2/10

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole...

Try and say that 5 times fast. Sometimes I can't even say it once, let only 5 times. I can't get enough of this song. It's such a happy and enjoyable song. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

Israel can play a mean uke, can't he? I would love to learn how to play a ukulele. If I do get to learn
how to play it, this would be one of the first songs I learned.

And since we are in Costa Rica and the official language is Spanish, I thought everyone would enjoy reading the lyrics of this awesome song.

RIP Israel! You are missed, but you will live on through your music.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow