Musical Monday - 8/30/10

If you knew me 5-10 years ago then you would know how my taste in music has changed. I haven't done a complete 180, but I've definitely mellowed out a ton. I used to be all about metal and hard rock. Now I'm more into alt-rock and indie rock. Definitely more calming, mellow tunes now a days. Does that mean I'm getting old?!?! I don't think so...well...Heather would say I am. :) Anyway, I'm definitely digging a few bands now that I wouldn't have even listened to one of their songs back in the day. Fair, Deas Vail, Death Cab For Cutie, Mae, Rogue Wave...just to name a few.

So today I wanted to introduce you to another band that I've been jamming to, Future of Forestry. They've been around since 2000, but they didn't change their name till 2006. They are a Christian alt-rock band from So Cal and they are crazy talented. The guitar playing on all of their songs is outstanding and super catchy. Every time I hear 'Speak To Me Gently' I close my eyes and my head starts to bob uncontrollably.

Try'll only take 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Start the song, sit back, don't multi-task, just sit there and listen. Enjoy!


  1. You are old my dear, but I am so glad your musical tastes have evolved from the days of Linkin Park and Alien Ant Farm!

  2. whats wrong with Linkin Park and Alien Ant Farm? O_o