Musical Monday - 4/12/10

What's On Dad's iPod: Part Duex

What can you say about Roy Orbison? I love listening to pretty much all of Roy's songs, but one of my true favorites and his most famous song is 'Pretty Woman'. Roy's voice is so entrancing; I get lost every time I listen to this song. I have to say that my favorite performance of Roy's is one from 1988, Black and White Night. I've seen this performance on PBS a few times and I can't pass it up whenever I see it on. Heather and I bought my dad the DVD and CD of 'Black and White Night' for Christmas one year and it's a great package deal.

And without further a due...

'Pretty Woman' by Roy Orbison


  1. entrancing? I think you just made up a new word...a mixture of enticing + enchanting?

    I love you.

  2. It's a real word! Spell Check told me so...

  3. We love a little Roy in the house, especially Pretty Woman. He's got that great warble to his voice. Glad to see you are blogging again Eric!