World's Fastest Car - Bugatti Veyron

Like most guys, I'm obsessed with speed. The faster the better. One of my favorite tv shows is Top Gear. Top Gear is a BBC show that tests supercars, performs crazy stunts, and lets stars race around a track in a "reasonably priced" car. (it's a horrible low-end Chevy)

Anyway, in this clip, they set out to top out the fastest car in the world, the Bugatti Veyron. It supposedly tops out at 253 MPH. That's crazy fast! It has a whopping 1001 hp to boot! I would love to drive a Veyron, but sadly I can't quite afford one. Also, there were only 220 Veyrons made in the 3 years it was produced. It is priced at a lovely $1.7 Million!

Please enjoy this great clip as Captain Slow, James May, attempts to go faster than anyone has ever gone in a street legal car.

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