Where Have I Been?

Whoa! Where have I been? Well, quick summary of why I haven't posted in a long, long, long time. We went to Costa Rica last summer on a missions trip (which was powerful and life-altering) and while I was there I felt like God told me to back off of a few "extras" that were taking time away from way more important things like my wife, friends, family, and church. Obviously one of those things was this blog. Even though it wasn't taking up very much time, it wasn't adding to my introverted nature. You may not think I am an introvert, but I am. I'm not an extreme introvert, but sometimes/most of the time I would let myself drift into the background and just "hang out" with myself. Don't get the idea that I am hurting for interaction or that I'm crazy...it's just something God showed me on the Costa Rica trip that I wanted to change. (If you want to know more, just ask me...I don't have enough time to type it all out :-) Maybe introvert isn't the correct term, but that's what I'm going with. Anyway, I have been pushing myself to change. Change is good. Change is hard. But, I can see a difference in my life. I'm not completely changed as sometimes I'll feel myself drift back into old habits, but God is changing me.

Isn't it crazy how God works? He shows you flaws that you have that you don't even know about and He works on you even though you may not know it. I didn't really know I was changing that much, but I knew He was helping me along the way. It hasn't happened overnight, but God has definitely shown me a new side of myself that I love and enjoy.

So what does all that have to do with this blog? I've come to the conclusion that this blog can be an outlet of new and wonderful things...more intimate and important topics instead of just music and random musings. Don't worry, I'll bring back the Musical Monday's soon...I can't let the music fade, it's such a big part of me that I can't let it go. My posts may not be as frequent as some blogs, but I'm going to give it an honest effort to bring you along the journey that is called my life.

Won't you join me?


  1. Good for you Eric! It's great to see how God works. And good to see you back here! :-)

  2. Aw I love you babe! Blog or no blog, but blogging is fun!

    YAY Musical Mondays!