Do we need tickets??

To the Gun Show!
Actually, to the gun auction. There was a gun auction in Hodges yesterday and we had a blast! Allen, his son Jordan, Walt, and myself were on a mission. A mission of great magnitude...have fun, try to find some great deals on a few guns, and people watch.

I don't own a gun, but I'm in the market for a handgun. Preferably a small to medium sized gun since I'm not that large of a person. Anyway, more on that in another post. I'll try to share my little knowledge of guns and my list of guns that I will be selecting from.

This was my first gun auction and I was definitely blown away by all the people and artillery that filled the metal building. After registering I milled around the multitude of guns and a few caught my eye - a Walther PPK/S, a Kimber Custom 1911, and a Kimber Ultra Carry II. Of course my budget for the day didn't allow me to purchase my first gun, but I'll keep my eye out for something soon. Allen did purchase a revolver for his wife, Denine, as a home defense method. Which was a very awesome buy.

Hopefully this weekend some guys from church will have a chance to go out to the range and shoot a few different guns. I'm stoked since I've never actually shot a gun...unless you count a BB gun or paintball gun...I don't. I'll definitely keep you posted on if we get to the range and I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Glad you got to check out those "guns" with good friends. Just remember when you buy a piece of steel I get to shoot it first! LOL