Embedding Songs Made Easy

Embedding music in a blog post isn't new, but you used to have to embed a youtube video with lyrics in a terrible font or the sound quality was horrible and embarrassing.  It just got easier today.  Enter Spotify Play Button.

The lovely people over at Spotify are trying to become the go to music streaming service and they just jumped a little ahead of the other guys if you ask me.  The Play Button gives you the opportunity to post any song, album, or playlist to any webpage or blog post.  The quality will be super high and the widgets are actually quite well designed.  There will be audio ads however, but that's no biggie to me.  It's free music.

To really take advantage of the play button, head on over to the Spotify Play Button page with all the instructions and widget options.  The widget can be embedded just like a youtube video so you should know how to do that by now.  Enjoy!

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