Musical Monday - 5/17/10

I love giving props to local artists so today's selection is from Carlos Whittaker. Carlos works at the Buckhead campus of North Point Church in Atlanta. As his blog describes, he is the 'Director of Service Programming' now, but he previously worked at Sandals Church in Riverside, CA. All I know is, he is an amazing worship leader and his album is awesome. His first single of his debut album is simple yet profound, plus it's getting tons of air play around the southeast. I've been following Carlos for a long time now and I knew his album was coming, but I never knew I would here it on the radio...I definitely crank the volume everytime I here it come on. I love the driving beat and the cry for God is amazingly great. Take a few minutes and listen to 'Rain It Down' and head over to Carlos' blog for some great posts.

The story behind the song...

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