Musical Tuesday - 5/26/09

As you can plainly see, it is Tuesday and I haven't posted my usual Musical Monday. I wanted to come up with this elaborate excuse/reason I didn't post yesterday like "I observe all national federal holidays and refuse to do anything but relax on those days"...but the truth be told, I forgot.


My first week of four day work weeks really through me off this weekend. First I had this past Friday off (which was awesome!) and then I had Yesterday off because of Memorial Day (and it was my unpaid day off for this week).

Now, on to our great selection for this Musical Tuesday. The Beatles' very first #1 hit single, 'Please Please Me'. This was their first #1 hit in the UK not the USA. The first #1 hit in the USA was, 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'.


  1. I wonder if they could hear themselves at all with girls screaming constantly and absolutely no monitors whatsoever? If this is the Washington DC concert, they would play a few songs and then just turn Ringo's kit around 180 degrees and play the other direction. Good stuff.

  2. I wonder if Eric has watched all of the old Beatle's movies? Vintage stuff.

  3. no he hasn't watched them all, but we want to!

    looooooooooooove the beatles.