Dog-Sitting Made Easy

Maggie and Oscar - The Best DachshundsThis past weekend we had a chance to dog-sit for our good friends, Walt and Kimberly. They have a standard size dachshund named Oscar. Our lovely mini dachshund's name is Maggie and she thinks Oscar is her "boyfriend".

It's so funny to see them interact together. Maggie is a young hyperactive 10 lb dog that wants to play, play, play all the time while Oscar is an older 20 lb easy-going dog who is content in just laying around and staring into space. Maggie wants to fight with Oscar and run around the house like a crazy maniac, but
Oscar is always reluctant to join in. He'll just sit there and let Maggie run around him barking her head off and nipping at his legs. Eventually he'll give in and take off running; when that happens I imagine Maggie screaming "YES, FINALLY!" in her head.
After awhile they both are dead tired from the 30 minutes of strenuous activity and they both crash. That's the best part of dog-sitting, when they both collapse in their respective corners and sleep. This is how they normally end up.

Maggie pressed as close as she can get to me...
while Oscar curls up (with a good book) in his blanket...

Maggie Doing What She Does Best
Oscar Curled Up In His Blanket

Once the sitting is over, both mope around their respective house looking around for the other one. They both sleep for around 2-3 days and catch back up on energy. It's so great for the both of them. I wish I could experience what it is like to be a dog for a day. Being able to lay around all day, run around the yard, playing with balls and bones, getting treats for doing "tricks" or just being cute.

It would be great to be a dog....actually...that sounds eerily close to a few Saturdays/Sundays that I've had. :-)


  1. For a second I forgot whose blog this was, so when I clicked on it in my reader I was like, "Whoa! That looks like Oscar and Maggie! IS Oscar and Maggie, duh!"

    I can't wait to keep Maggie this summer...we need our dose of all this doggie play. And I love when most of Oscar is hanging out of the blanket.

  2. Oh yeah: A HUMONGOUS THANK YOU for watching the pup!!!!

  3. love it. soooo funny. this is exactly what they do.

  4. Great post man. Love the dog in the blanket photo.